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About Me

Hello everyone, Welcome to the House of Kaine!

My name is Erica, and I am a Dallas native, born and raised in Kaufman. I am a registered nurse, a wife, and a mother to three beautiful and amazing children. I have always had an interest in beauty health mental health, and after much deliberation, in 2014, I finally decided to take a leap of faith and create the House of Kaine!


House of Kaine is a space where I can focus my passion of helping and guiding others. It's also a place where I can share my journey through some hardships in my life, as well as share some fun beauty tips and how I have sought to improve my overall personal feelings towards beauty health mental health, and wellbeing. 


Before House of Kaine, I was a young, single mother, that was struggling through some difficult times. However, these struggles and hardships led me to appreciate the little things in life and brought me deeper into my faith. I have gone through some dark moment in my past and it has strengthened my belief that God has the power to heal and bring a sense of purpose to those that may be struggling. God takes those that believe they are damaged and makes them feel worthy and deserving of a good life. 


My philosophy is one of self-love, healing, and positivity, and I want House of Kaine to be a place where you can learn how to feel beautiful and how to spread love and kindness instead of hate and malice. I want this site to be a bright and guiding light when you feel like you can’t find your way out of the darkness. 


Here, you will find my blog, my podcast, exclusive content, and merchandise. You can find me on Spotify, Apple, and Soundcloud, as well as some exclusive beauty and wellness videos on Youtube. Make sure to find and subscribe to House of Kaine wherever you listen, and I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey.

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