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His needs >Her needs?

So I have been recommended this book, which will remain nameless, by many counselors, and I finally went ahead and added the book to my audible library. I can't recall what chapter did it, but I immediately stopped “listening.” I just felt as if the book was basically giving my needs the middle finger and telling me I should lay on my back regardless of how I felt and fulfill his needs so he could feel wanted. Excuse my language but FUCKKKKKK THAT!

Now don’t get it twisted but, I genuinely care about his needs because I see that he makes sure if there is anything I need, he has me covered. I do go above and beyond for my husband. But to tell a woman that she needs to have sex regardless if she is in the mood doesn’t sit well in my spirit. Could you see yourself telling your daughter, who is crying to you on the phone that “Girl, get over yourself? Just have sex with him. It is only like two minutes.” It’s not the first time a marriage counselor has given me this awful advice, and let's just say she was fired from counseling or giving any advice in regards to my marriage. Immediately. I may add that she was a Christian counselor—no offense to Christianity. I was a devoted Christian. I just couldn't deal with the hypocrisy and the judgemental church folk. But yes, I feel that women’s feelings should be respected and that our bodies should be treated accordingly. I am not a toy or a doll, and if I am not in the mood, if I am feeling uncomfortable, if I just flat out do not want to, I should not feel obligated to have sex to satisfy his needs. What exactly are we saying? Wives are property and we are indebted and obligated to have sex? I really hope that this mindset is not passed on to the future generation because there are so many things wrong with that statement.

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