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Married Life vs Single Life

So many that know me, know that I NEVER planned on getting married. I believe the reason why is because my parents divorced when I was about 9 years old and I knew several of my friends who married and were miserable in their lives. They often cheated or just stayed in the marriage merely out of convenience. I was definitely living the single life. As a single mom, I just did not think I would ever find a man that I felt would ever be good enough to meet my daughter. That resulted in me playing the field......I mean REALLY playing the field. I met some good guys, I met some bad guys, I even met some married men, something that I am not proud of. This resulted in me being even more against the thought of being married. I look back and I believe that there are some things that I missed about being single however I wouldn't trade being married for what I was living back then. I missed the freedom. I could do whatever I wanted without having to take his feelings in consideration. Something that I still struggle with till this day. I often make decisions and forget to consult with my husband.....Luckily he is used to my impulse decisions. Another reason why I am thankful for being married is because the side chick culture is just not for me. Like seriously, what are we teaching our girls? You will never be good enough? You have to settle for the late nights, the day after Valentine's, I don't get it. Now I am not knocking it either. I know that some are just not looking for anything but sex, companionship, late night conversations, I get it. I was that girl. I could care less if you called me back. I was not going to sweat anyone, nor chase or fight for your attention. Point. Blank. But these chicks nowadays??? No thanks. But apparently H0#$ are winning......I blame Cardi B. marriedlife wap

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